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2019 Procedure for Watercourse registration

2019 Water registration questionnaire

2020 Aquabike Superlicence

2020 F1 Superlicence - English Version

2020 F1 Superlicence - English/Italian Version

2020 F1 Superlicence - English/Russian version

2020 F2 Superlicence - English Version

2020 F2 Superlicence - English/Italian Version

2020 F2 Superlicence - English/Russian Version

2020 F4 Serieslicence

2020 XCAT Superlicence - English Version

2020 XCAT Superlicence - English/Italian Version

2020 XCAT Superlicence - English/Russian Version

Boat designer - builder registration form for all Offshore closed cockpit boats

Checklist list to aid Measurement certificate Scrutineering for Offshore class 3 boats with Closed Cockpit

Circuit Cockpit Registration form

Circuit Measurement Certificate - Rule 501

Circuit Measurement certificate for GT15 /GT30 boats

Crash box description

Crash box procedure letter

Fuel Testing guidelines

Immersion training certificate Circuit-Offshore 2020

Immersion training procedure - publication 24 january 2019

List of UIM International Measurers for Circuit boats with reinforced Cockpit

Offshore Cockpit Registration form

Registration of retarded airbag systems

Sample of Measurement certificate for all Offshore Class 3 boats