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2020 Aquabike Superlicence

2020 F1 Superlicence - English Version

2020 F1 Superlicence - English/Italian Version

2020 F1 Superlicence - English/Russian version

2020 F2 Superlicence - English Version

2020 F2 Superlicence - English/Italian Version

2020 F2 Superlicence - English/Russian Version

2020 F4 Serieslicence

2020 Procedure for Watercourse registration

2020 Water registration questionnaire

2020 XCAT Superlicence - English Version

2020 XCAT Superlicence - English/Italian Version

2020 XCAT Superlicence - English/Russian Version

Boat designer - builder registration form for all Offshore closed cockpit boats

Checklist list to aid Measurement certificate Scrutineering for Offshore class 3 boats with Closed Cockpit

Circuit Cockpit Registration form

Circuit Measurement Certificate - Rule 501

Circuit Measurement certificate for GT15 /GT30 boats - updated February 2020

Crash box description

Crash box procedure letter

Fuel Testing guidelines

Immersion training certificate Circuit-Offshore 2020

Immersion training procedure - publication 24 january 2019

List of UIM International Measurers for Circuit boats with reinforced Cockpit

Measurement Sheet GT15-GT30 updated February 2020

Offshore Cockpit Registration form

Registration of retarded airbag systems

Sample of Measurement certificate for all Offshore Class 3 boats