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UIM YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME "PROPSTARS" This project started six years ago and has now evolved into the comprehensive training syllabus you see today. Professional training for our future generations of powerboat racing competitors and officials is one of the highest priorities of the UIM; our goal is to establish a world-wide network of training centres to ensure the success and growth of our sport. In recent years we have seen the UIM Propstars Programme start to attract new young talents who get trained and educated with and by our National Authorities. We are proud to see this increasing interest in many different territories and we encourage our Member Federations and their Member Clubs to set up training centres where the new generation of powerboaters are guided by experts on their way from the junior UIM classes to the senior UIM classes. At the very beginning we focused on the Circuit discipline and on training with GT15 boats. Then we extended the concept to the Offshore discipline and added the P750 Class. The UIM Propstars training programme teaches competitors and officials of all ages the secrets of safe, responsible and environmentally friendly racing. I call upon you all to support this extremely important programme by setting up a training centre in your country. Costs should not be an issue as you can use whatever boats you have available, you just need to encourage a local volunteer to take on the role of a UIM Propstars Ambassador. He will be prepared for this role by an expert UIM instructor and his mission can start. I want to ensure that our Union will continue to grow and develop healthily. One of the best ways of achieving this is to build a firm foundation of training centres for our sport. I believe that we can do this, so let’s build a bright future together. Dr. Raffaele Chiulli UIM President

Youth Development Programme

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The UIM/ FIMC Youth Training Centre, which is the first of the kind in the UAE, was established under the patronage of H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah and symbolizes his willingness to make the Fujairah International Marine Club a hub to water based sports and activities.<...

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Make sure you have made contact with your training centre
or instructor and that you have the programme of activities
and timetable for the day. Part of your&nb...

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