Whereabouts, RTP/TP & ADAMS

What are testing pools and why are whereabouts important for clean sport?

Out-of-competition testing with no-advance notice is one of the most powerful means of deterrence and detection of doping. To support this type of testing, UIM has created testing pools as part of its testing program.


Certain athletes in the UIM testing pools, such as those in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) or Testing Pools (TP) are required to provide information on their whereabouts in ADAMS, WADA’s online anti-doping administration and management system.


The UIM updates the composition of the testing pools (RTP and TP) yearly. Athletes in the RTP and TP are chosen based on set criteria.


How do athletes know they need to provide whereabouts?

Athletes who need to provide whereabouts in ADAMS are notified by the UIM of their inclusion in a testing pool as well as what information exactly is required of them, how to use ADAMS, deadlines to submit this information and any consequences if the information required is not submitted.


Should athletes have any query on ADAMS, such as how to submit whereabouts, please refer to the ADAMS Help Center.


Tips for RTP/TP athletes

  • Set a calendar reminder ofthe key dates/deadlines to submit quarterly whereabouts information
  • For RTP athletes only: Set an alarm for the start of the 60-minute time slot
  • Be as specific as possible when submitting your whereabouts information
  • Make modifications to your whereabouts information when changes occur
  • If you have any doubts, please contact theADAMS Help Centre or write an e-mail to antdoping@uim.sport if you require technical support with ADAMS
  • Download theapp Athlete Central in order to facilitate all the processes related to the whereabouts system
  • Check the WADA Q&A Whereabouts
  • Check the At-a-Glance: Athlete Whereabouts



What should athletes do if they wish to retire or return to competition after retiring?

All UIM-licensed athletes who decide to retire from competition must inform the UIM  at uim@uim.sport.


For RTP athletes, as soon as the retirement is officially confirmed to UIM, the athlete will be withdrawn from UIM’s RTP with immediate effect. If an athlete wishes to return to active participation in sport, the Athlete shall not compete in International Events or National Events until the Athlete has made himself or herself available for Testing, by giving six (6) months prior written notice to the UIM and their National Anti-Doping Organization.

WADA, in consultation with the UIM and the Athlete's National Anti-Doping Organization, may grant an exemption to the six (6) month written notice rule where the strict application of that rule would be unfair to the Athlete. This decision may be appealed under Article 13.27 Any competitive results obtained in violation of this Article 5.6.1 of the UIM Anti-doping rules shall be disqualified unless the Athlete can establish that he or she could not have reasonably known that this was an International Event or a National Event.