The UIM X-CAT World Championship is one of the most spectacular powerboat racing series in the world. Powered by 2 400hp outboard engines and speeds topping 220km per hour, these racing catamarans are a great expression of international powerboat racing.


The 2023 UIM XCAT World Championship got off to an exciting start in the waters of Fiumicino (Rome), the first of the two Italian races, with the second set to take place in Basilicata next weekend. Both races drew a packed audience of fans. The competition got off to a thrilling start, given by UIM President Dr. Raffaele Chiulli, and the excitement remained high lap after lap. Race 1 was won by Team GB (Great Britain), with Swecat (Sweden) taking second and Consulbrokers (Italy) taking third place, respectively.


Race 2 went to the Emirates Team Fazza (UAE) while Team GB (Great Britain) crossed the finish line second, HPI Racing Team (Italy) coming in third.


The UIM XCAT World Championship continues with another breathtaking round of races next weekend in a charming Italian location on the Ionian coast: Porto degli Argonauti. 



At the end of last weekend's event, UIM President Raffaele Chiulli said: “I’m impressed by the organization of this exciting round of the UIM XCAT World Championship, despite the many challenges we had to face.  I would like to congratulate the XCAT Team for the passion, enthusiasm, and the resilience they showed to run such a great festival of Offshore Powerboat racing in Fiumicino”.

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