Fueling Ambitions: UIM’s Youth Development Program Takes Sail in NZ

Join the conversation with UIM’s Youth Development Senior Instructor, Brendon Hall, and Assistant Instructor, Abby Hall. The two proudly represented the New Zealand Powerboat Federation at the first UIM YDP Instructor/Trainer course in Fujairah, UAE earlier this year.


Abby: “It was a privilege to be chosen by the New Zealand Powerboat Federation to participate in the UIM YDP training course in Fujairah this year. The invaluable knowledge and skills we acquired are now eagerly anticipated to be shared as we launch the UIM YDP program in New Zealand.”


Brendon: “Our ongoing mission is to apply the expertise and insights passed on to us, fostering the development of UIM YDP programs across New Zealand. The engagement of youth in our sport is of greatest importance to all UIM members, and a unified program can only propel us forward.”


Brendon: “That’s why we have initiated the promotion of the UIM YDP Propstar Program in New Zealand, offering basic powerboat training as an excellent introduction for anyone interested in boating.”


Abby:  “This course provides essential knowledge and serves as a valuable foundation for advancing in the sport of powerboating. The program incorporates classroom sessions and hands-on practical instructions on and off the water.”


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