MotoSurf: Eco-Innovations and Thrilling Competition at TWG25

MotoSurf - new addition to the program of the World Games aims the spectacle on the water and features  innovation with an environmental approach to the sport.

Motorized surfing has seen significant growth in the last couple of years, bringing a whole new experience into the world of powerboating sports governed by the UIM (Union Internationale Motonautique). Balancing on a surfboard at speeds up to 60km/h, focusing on the apex around each  buoy, while navigating the waves and water spraying from opponents, that’s motosurf racing. Spectacular appearance and fierce rivalries on the track couldn’t go unnoticed,  so the youngest discipline of powerboating is headed to the 2025 World Games in Chengdu, China. Making history in the latest edition of games, MotoSurf will be the first powerboating sport to be in the program. Included categories feature single women, single men and national team competitions where one male and female athlete from each country will compete as a team against other nations.


The UIM’s Youth Development Program together with MotoSurf, has connected young people with the sport and developed great improvements every year. Racing of carbon fibre surfboards breaks boundaries in all aspects of the sport. With the need for green propulsion of motorized disciplines across the motorsports spectre, MotoSurf introduces a new approach with CO2 sustainable liquids. Biofuel powered combustion engines will be used in the women single and men single competitions,  while the mixed gender – nations cup – will use fully electric motorized surfboards.


The qualification year starts in April 2024 when the UIM MotoSurf World Championship will open the season in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

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