Stormy Triumph: The UIM E1 World Championship in Puerto Banus

What an incredible weekend in Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain, for the third round of the UIM E1 World Championship!


Choppy waters made for intense racing with unexpected twists. Two-time event winners, Team Brady, faced a surprising elimination on qualifying day due to a power outage in Semi-Final 3. During Final Race 1, the nose of Team Blue Rising detached from the hull amid fierce competition, forcing them to withdraw from Final 2 but still securing an impressive fourth place overall.



The excitement continued with Team Brazil’s Catie Munnings experiencing the same fate as Team Blue Rising, suffering race-ending damage to the front crumple zone. Meanwhile, Westbrook Racing stalled mid-race but managed to finish in second place.



Amidst the chaos, Team Miami’s Erik Stark expertly navigated the bumpy waters, clinching his team’s first top-podium spot and propelling them to the overall lead in the Championship. A weekend to remember!

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