MotoSurf World Championship Thrills in Poland, Next Stop: Sweden!

The MotoSurf World Championship in Osiek, Poland, featured 96 competitors from 19 countries, delivering thrilling races. In the Elite class, Jakub Kornfeil finished third, with Matyáš Novotný taking first place and Alex Lukscheider second.



In the women's class, Eliška Matoušková claimed victory, followed by Aneta Stloukalová and Eliška Charousová. The Stock category saw Antony Squire secure the first American pole, but Minseong Kim won the final, with Down Kim in second and Squire in third.


Vatcharasak Jantorn led the Merlin Plus Stock R qualifications despite illness, but Fares Ramadhan won the final. Among juniors, Sebastian Kostelecký took first place, with Lukáš Schneider second and Adam Kolár third.



Kristýna Hrbková triumphed in a close girls' race against Sára ┼Żuborová, with Laura Marková in third. Down Kim dominated the Masters class, followed by Zdenek Kostelecký and Jirí Štovícek. In the electric surfboards competition, Lukáš Záhorský took first place, with Yano Varkersbilck and Michal Uhlár rounding out the podium.


The Grand Prix of Poland is over, and the World Power Surfing Championship heads to Sweden in the beginning of August!

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