E1 Boat Unveiled In Monaco, HSH Prince Albert II Shows Support for UIM



The prototype of the electric boat that the pilots of the UIM E1 Series pilots will race in the world’s first electric powerboat championship has been unveiled to an all-star line-up in Monaco, led by HSH Prince Albert II. The series itself is taking shape with water testing on schedule for early next year and Monaco confirmed as a host city for the inaugural E1 Series in 2023. The Event offered UIM President Raffaele Chiulli the opportunity to announce publicly that HSH Prince Albert II has graciously agreed to accept his invitation to be nominated UIM Honorary President.


“It is an extraordinary moment for E1 and the UIM, and clearly we are riding the crest of the wave in terms of the transition to new technologies for the powering of watercraft,” said Raffaele Chiulli. “We have a remarkable opportunity to lead the development of climate-friendly solutions in motor sports on the water, knowing they will have a clear and beneficial impact on the health of our planet. It is rewarding to know that the team behind the transition that our planet needs is growing so quickly, that so many important partners are joining and that we have the engagement of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.”


In a next step, the engineers having created the ‘RaceBird’ will focus on the integration of the battery and control systems and how they work together with the powertrain. Once this is complete, the engineers will incorporate the propulsion architecture and the boat will be ready for the water.


“Maintaining high speeds for relatively short periods of time is one area where we can expect electric propulsion to shine at a relatively early stage,” added Chiulli. “I can see a clear course from racing to recreation for these technologies, so we have an important chance to influence wider water sports just as the planet needs quick and practical solutions. We should be very proud to be at the forefront of these developments, alongside such prestigious partners.”

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