UIM signs “Green Partner” Agreement with ALENS

The UIM is proud to announce that a “Green Partner” Agreement for the next three years has been signed with the energy and environmental consulting firm ALENS, with offices in Switzerland (Bellinzona) and Italy (Pavia, Rome, Vicenza). Through this agreement, the UIM has secured the support of ALENS in programs and activities such as raising the awareness of environmental responsibility, disseminating related knowledge and ensuring know-how transfer within the powerboating community. The new “Green Partner” of the UIM will also provide assistance in conducting environmental seminars and advice to national federations on how to tackle environmental challenges.


ALENS will assist the UIM in drawing up a Green Agenda, through education, training and communication projects, and grants the UIM their expertise in the conception of an environmental strategy for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the UIM Environmental Code. UIM President, Dr. Raffaele Chiulli said:


“The Health of Our Planet is under threat and we all have to adopt more environmental friendly practices. I am delighted by the support our new Green Partner, ALENS, is offering the UIM for drawing up an Environmental Strategy. Their expertise is critical for defining the good practices to be implemented in our Sport and this will also benefit our Member Federations.”


The UIM will count on the support of ALENS in achieving the “carbon neutral” status of its two main institutional events, the UIM Awards Gala and the annual General Assembly.


At competition level, the new “Green Partner” of the UIM will elaborate guidelines for quantifying the impact of the Sport on the environment and its progressive reduction. The Owner and Sales Director of ALENS, Mr. Paolo Guardamagna said: “We are honored to accompany the UIM in their efforts for a sustainable development of the Powerboating Sport and to raise the awareness of environmental imperatives.”

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