Coronavirus (COVID-19) information


UIM Standard Guidelines for mitigating Covid-19 related risks at International Powerboating Events

H2O Promoter Action Plan and General Guidelines for the organisation of H2O Events in Covid-19 context

H2O Promoter Anti Contagion Safety Protocol related to Covid-19 situation, for H2O Racing Events


UIM XCAT COVID-19 Protocol FINAL - General guidelines for carrying out an XCAT Powerboating event







European Union - Informations on travel during the coronavirus pandemic between European Countries and from Third Countries to the EU



European Union / COVID-19 : Digital green certificates (proposal to facilitate free movements of citizens within the EU)


Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2021): Playbook Guides for Athletes, Work Force, International Federations representatives before and during the Olympic Games



World Health Organization (WHO) - Sporting events during the Covid-19 pandemic