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World Health Organization / Official informations on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic



NewsNow (independant news discovery platform) : Daily News about Coronavirus Impact on worldwide sporting events

YouTube video of “FIM Asia Virus and its Medical Implications Crisis Webinar” (24th April 2020; 1h30 duration)



Coronavirus Tracker - The only independent World Health Organization (WHO) recognized one stop platform for verified data and news



Letter of International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach to the Olympic Movement: Olympism and Coronavirus



World Health Organization (WHO) guidance paper when planning mass gatherings – 14th April 2020   





#AVIATION – Projected airport reopening dates for 72 countries across the world (posted on 31 May 2020, data sources quoted ICAO)




Travel Map: All the informations you need to know about where and when you can travel, borders status, passengers allowed to enter